Name Title Email Web
Grace Rivera Educator Email
Jean Schumacher
Educator Email

Belinda Villanueva Educator Email

Rebekah Wright Educator Email

1st Grade

Name Title Email Web
Christine Dore-Smith Educator Email
Kirstyn Goncalves
Educator Email

Rosana Ochoa Educator Email
Sidnie Sharp Educator Email

2nd Grade

Name Title Email Web
Joseph Larose Educator Email
Lisa Nungester Educator Email
Kristen Slater Educator Email
Emily Tabbi Educator Email

3rd Grade

Name Title Email Web
Kendra Angeles Garcia Educator Email
Sarah Capo
Educator Email
Brooke Muccio Educator Email

4th Grade

Name Title Email Web
Mariana Romero Educator Email
Lauren Johnston
Educator Email
Timothy Johnston
Educator Email

5th Grade

Name Title Email Web
Aleida Green Educator Email
Eric Kelley Educator Email
Daniel King Jr Educator Email

Special Areas

Name Title Email Web
David Martin Art Educator Email
Luis Sandoval Music Educator Email
Zackary Schroeder Physical Education Email


Name Title Email Web
Janelle Gelletly ESE Educator Email
Lori Ramsey ESE Resource Educator Email

Academic Coaches

Name Title Email Web
Amanda Schumbacker Math Coach Email


Name Title Email Web
Lauren Minetti Resource Teacher Email  
Beverlee Laney Resource Teacher


Name Title Email Web
Amanda Schumbacker
Gifted Email

School Counselor

Name Title Email Web
Nancy Omonte School Counselor Email


Name Title Email Web
Melissa Robinson Technology Educator Email

VPK Educators/Staff

Name Title Email Web
Marleny Beltre VPK Educator Email
Ana Cuellar VPK Educator Email  
Esther DePerez VPK Educator Email
Karen Doscher VPK Educator Email
Andrea Firmes VPK Educator Email
Martiza Gonzalez VPK Educator Email
Sandra Magnante VPK Educator Email  
Danielle Salek VPK Educator Email
Cindy Stubbs VPK Educator Email


Name Title Email Web
Judy Briner Paraprofessional Email

Helping Teachers/Paraprofessionals

Name Title Email Web
Ilma Asanavicius Paraprofessional Email
Judy Briner Paraprofessional Email
Guislenn Cabra Paraprofessional Email
Teresa Campos Paraprofessional Email  
Melissa Crawford Paraprofessional Email
 Diana Crews Paraprofessional Email  
Nancy Currao Paraprofessional Email
Patricia Garcia Morga Paraprofessional Email
Karen Schneider Paraprofessional Email
Karla Sheets Paraprofessional Email
Robin Weeks Paraprofessional Email

VPK Paraprofessionals

Name Title Email Web
Anna Bernal VPK Paraprofessional Email
Pamela Crocker VPK Educator Email
Kathleen Fogarty VPK Paraprofessional Email
Margie Grissler VPK Paraprofessional Email
Ana Joshua-Melendez VPK Paraprofessional Email
Sandra Marquez VPK Paraprofessional Email
Sandra O'Neil VPK Paraprofessional Email
Estela Sandoval VPK Paraprofessional Email
Karla Sheets VPK Paraprofessional Email
Sharon Seikel VPK Paraprofessional Email

Office Staff

Name Title Email Web
Maria Barillas Information Specialist Email  
Lenore Bennett Bookkeeper Email  
Marta Romero Secretary to the Principal Email  


Name Title Email Web
Michael Spence Nurse Email  
Gail Jones Clinic Assistant Email

Custodial Staff

Name Title Email Web
Algimantas Izdonavicius Building Supervisor  Email
Deysi Abella Custodian  Email
Mayra Blanco Sanchez Custodian  Email  
Beatriz Fernandez Custodian  Email
Logina Romero Custodian  Email  
Gavin Tinglin Custodian  Email

Food Service Staff

Name Title Email Web
Mark Anderson Food and Nutrition Manager  Email
Christine Ayers Food Service Worker  Email
Ana Cruz Lopez Food Service Worker  Email
David Orama Food Service Worker  Email
Kristina Rodriguez Food Service Worker  Email


Name Title Email Web
TBA Speech Pathologist  Email

MTSS Intervention Specialist

Name Title Email Web
Claudia Santillo MTSS Intervention Specialist Email

Name Title Email Web
Jennifer Lias ESOL Educator/ESOL Contact Email

Testing Coordinator

Name Title Email Web
Janelle Gelletly Testing Coordinator Email
Amanda Schumbacker Asst. Testing Coordinator Email