Academic  Focus

We recognize that children have unique and perse educational needs and that they learn best in an educational environment which is structured to meet those needs. At BSE we have developed a structure, Performance Class Placement, in which children with similar educational needs and academic performance levels are grouped together. Reading performance is the most important factor in determining placement. The strategies, teaching methods, and curriculum materials used by teachers in each classroom will vary as will the pace and rate of instruction. In all classrooms, the goal is mastery of the Sunshine State Standards/Common Core and Benchmarks. Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment in which students of every background will have the opportunity for optimal academic and personal growth. We are dedicated in preparing students to be productive, contributive citizens by encouraging a love of learning in an enriched academic atmosphere where students will realize their full potential as creative and independent thinkers. Our expectation is that students will develop higher level thinking skills. They will be able to answer the questions: "What are you learning?" and "Why are you learning it?"

Academic Programs

  • Performance Class Placement
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Inclusion Model for ESOL Instruction
  • Technology Integrated with Academics
  • Gifted Resource Program
  • Art, Music, and Physical Education


  • Reading: Ready Gen
  • Math: Go Math!
  • Phonics: Really Great Reading Phonics
  • Thinking Maps

Instructional Techniques

  • Kagan Cooperative Learning
  • Teach Like a Champion
  • Whole Brain Teaching

Technology Resources for Parents

  • Launchpad - Students have single sign-on access to GoMath, Renaissance Place Home Connect (Get the latest AR info about your child's progress.),  Compass Learning, and other educational apps!